Console Repair Services in Newton Mearns

We provide all kind of repairs for your Computer. Starting from screen or motherboard replacement to any chip level repairing. Here are some of our most popular Computer repairs.


Are you a gaming enthusiast? Then, you might be looking for Console Repair in the Newton Mearns. Mearns Mobiles Repairs brings you dependable solutions when you are looking for console repair experts in Newton Mearns. We have come up as a dependable choice when you are hunting for Xbox repairs near me. We always believe in providing dependable solutions for all your problems. With a team of highly knowledgeable staff, we make sure you get the console repaired using cutting-edge repair solutions. We make sure to provide you instant repair solutions at your doorstep. In fact, you can book an appointment at anytime whenever you want. No matter what is bothering you, we are here to get it fixed. Now, let us find the pain points and repair them with high-quality services. No matter where you stay, we are here to serve you with reliable repair services throughout the Newton Mearns.

Wondering how to find someone you can trust for console repair? Of course, it is a major concern, as you won’t let anyone do it until you trust the technician in Newton Mearns. You might have many options available to get your console repaired. However, picking up the trusted one is indeed a matter of concern. If you are looking for experts that specialize in console repair in the Newton Mearns, Mearns Mobiles is indeed the right choice for you. We team up with professionals that you can trust when it comes to repairing Xbox in the Newton Mearns. Our professionals ensure you experience extreme satisfaction while getting your Xbox repaired from us in Newton Mearns. Our excellence and expertise make us stand out in the crowd in Newton Mearns. If you are wondering how to find someone for Xbox repairs near me, then you can trust us indeed. We are available round-the-clock to assist you and repair your console with the right skills. Now, feel free to seek our repair solutions right away in Newton Mearns.



Services We Provide

Mearns Mobiles is able to administer a huge range of phone repair services, and below is just a fraction of what we can provide in Newton Mearns :

HDMI Replacement – Software Re-flashing – Wii U Screen/LCD Replacement – Blue Ray Replacement – Disk Drive Replacement – Water Damage Repair – Console Re-housing – Data Recovery – Flex Cable Replacement – Power Button Repair – Power Input Replacement – Controller Re-Housing – Controller Analogue Stick Replacement – Controller Gummy Replacement – Wifi Module Repair – De-Dust – Power Cable Replacement – Battery Replacement

If you cannot see your repair listed here then just give us a call as we can resolve anyissue, for any device in Newton Mearns.


Games Consoles We Repair

At Mearns Mobiles Repairs, we can repair even the most difficult faults on the following devices : 

PS1 – PS2 – PS3 – PS4 – Xbox One – Xbox 360 – NES – Sega – Nintendo Wii – Nintendo Wii U – Nintendo DS – Nintendo Switch – HTC – Vive – All Controllers – Samsung VR – Microsoft Mixed Reality – Nintendo 64 – Atari

If you cannot see your device here then we just forgot to list it, we will always attempt to repair any device and never charge you unless fixed in Newton Mearns.


Broken HDMI or No Visuals?

If you cannot get a visual output from your console there can be a number of reasons, but the main cause of this issue is your HDMI port becoming De-seated or the solder wearing away.

We are almost the only company that can replace and re-flow broken HDMI ports on consoles, certainly the only on the Wirral in Newton Mearns.

Mearns Mobiles Repairs has a fantastic repair record when it comes to consoles, having repaired hundreds for CEX stores in Newton Repairs.


Overheating system?

We clean like no others!  Our deep clean service ensures that your console is spotless, as take the entire system apart, remove ALL dust from every component and finally use cleaning fluids to renew all your internal connections in Newton Mearns. 


Handheld Repair

Be it a Nintendo DS, PSP or Razer Edge we can repair it for you. Commonly we see a lot of Nintendo devices that have seen heavy child exposure, and are in need of some etc.

Broken housing? Cracked to pieces?

We can fix that easily, re-housing a console is straightforward and you can save money on multiple repairs if you require more work in Newton Mearns.


Virtual Reality Repair

Due to our specialist knowledge we are able to repair all major brands of VR headset in Newton Mearns. If we are able to get the part, or if you have a repair we can complete without parts then it can be fixed in Newton Mearns.

Why let your £400+ headset go to waste we can fix it for you?


Console Pad Repair

Why spend £40 on a new game pad when we can fix almost anything for under £20?

Be it simply replacing a worn out grip on a stick, or removing and replacing analogue sticks we are able to help in Newton Mearns. We offer very price competitive fixes for game pads and have expansive console knowledge, allowing us to repair ANY problem in Newton Mearns.


Rapid Repairs

If we have the part then we will complete the repair for you within 2 hours, maximum in Newton Mearns. We pride ourselves on the speed and efficiency we have repairing phones, and know that your device is too important to be without. 


High Grade Components

Working as a corporate RMA center we have to ensure all our parts are of a high grade, and original manufacturers parts were it is viable in Newton Mearns.  



Any parts we receive in Newton Mearns that are not up to the AAA standard are sent back, and another supplier is used – we never compromise on quality.


Proven Professional Service

Our work as a RMA center for CEX means that we will regularly complete 100+ repairs a week in Newton Mearns. This gives us a massive amount of experience and knowledge repairing devices, that very few repair companies can match.  


Happy To Help

Our friendly team of trained technicians have been helping clients return their Games Consoles to perfect working order in Newton Mearns.

We are so confident in our ability that we always offer a no fix no fee policy on all repairs, and we also offer our customers a 6 month manufacturer’s warranty on ALL our parts in Newton Mearns. 

We have been working in league with a major high street retailer for several years, and have repaired 1000’s of Gadgets in Newton Mearns.

Mearns Mobiles Repair Newton Mearns is a trusted electronics repair, protection, customization, and enhancement leader. Our certified technicians are trained to provide superior service, expert repairs, and the most beneficial solution for your situation. We offer smartphone, laptop, computer, game console, macbook and ghd, tv repair sevices.

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