Tablet Repair Services in Newton Mearns

We provide all kind of repairs for your Computer in Newton Mearns. Starting from screen or motherboard replacement to any chip level repairing. Here are some of our most popular Computer repairs in Newton Mearns.


Mearns Mobiles Repairs bring tablet repairs straight to your home or workplace in Newton Mearns.
We fix your tablet in the back of our fully kitted out vans, we are trained specialists for Apple and Android repairs in Kilmarnock.

We only use the best quality parts, and we back that up with a 12-month warranty. We know that breaking your tablet is a nightmare, so we try to provide a service that means if you do, you can get straight back to doing what you need to without any hassle in Newton Mearns.

What services do we commonly offer in our Apple & Android Tablet Repair?

  • Screen Replacements – We replace your tablet screen with either a genuine or super high-quality component.
  • Battery Replacements – Top quality genuine or OEM tablet battery replacements to ensure your device lasts as it should.
  • Back Glass Replacements – Using laser technology we can repair the rear of your tablet at a fraction of the cost.
  • Charging Port Repairs – Either service or a full replacement offered with top quality parts to get you charging again.
  • Camera Repairs – OEM or Genuine camera replacements for all models.
  • Water Damage Repair – Top repairs and recovery services for devices that have been for a swim.
  • Board Level Faults – Fixes for some of the most complicated internal faults on your device.
  • Data Recovery – Trained specialists in saving photos from an otherwise fully broken device.
  • Device Setup and Transfers – Help in setting up and transferring data from your old tablet to a new one.
  • Upgrade advice and sales – Sales of new and refurbished tablets with our signature 12-Month warranty.
  • Technical Support – We can send out one of our expert technicians to support you with your device or teach you more about it on

Mearns Mobiles Repair Newton Mearns is a trusted electronics repair, protection, customization, and enhancement leader. Our certified technicians are trained to provide superior service, expert repairs, and the most beneficial solution for your situation. We offer smartphone, laptop, computer, game console, macbook and ghd, tv repair sevices.

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